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Multi Starting Level Spots (Area Loading)
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Author:  Gouanaco [ Mon Nov 25, 2013 5:56 am ]
Post subject:  Multi Starting Level Spots (Area Loading)

This has bugged the "Heck!" outta me.

If im not mistaken, theres a start point and then theres exit points. There's multi exit points but only 1 entrance point!?

So this basically means that all the levels have to be linear.
Perhaps im wroung?

There should be a function where you can choose where the exits and exit. Or have multiable starting points.

This would eliminate the lag problem i get with medium+ sized maps.
So that each area could be loaded seperatly like each room etc..

But with the current system its linear... 1 level to 2 level. And you can return back to the room. But you will appear where the normal starting point is!!! which isnt what i want. I want the player to appear where i want him too. Like near the door he just walked in :/ Rather than where he started the game or entered elswhere.

Zoltan... please mate.... add this in. PLEASE!. It's badly needed!. With multi starting points that can link between each other. Would make this engine perfect!. I love it so much except for this 1 mishap!.

~ Gouanaco

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