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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2011 2:46 am 
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OK Some of you may remember the old TV show Space 1999. Martin Landau, Barbara Bain. Moon blown out of Earth orbit from nuclear waste disposal site explosion. Show lasted 2 seasons and because of the degrading storyline due to the divorce of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and HER getting rights to the show it was cancelled.
Some also may know of fanbased storyline continuations and alter stories with hopes to bring back the show, not much luck thus far. So in steps myself. I have been toying with SW2 tweaking things and getting the feel of it and have had this in mind many months. Space 1999 Game.


Show old video of clips from original show and a few new CGI renditions from Earth to play with the storyline below that you will read on the screen.(or have narrated not sure yet)

The date is September 13, 1999 and from Earth an incredible view of the moon being blown out of orbit takes place. While on Moonbase Alpha they seek a way to get back home, down here on Earth things go haywire from the loss of the moon. Tides are no longer affected and several land masses become flooded forcing people to move to higher ground. Chaos reigns over Earth for a few years until society restores what it can of normal life.
The new date: June 22, 2299 At NASA and at SETI a faint signal is heard on the old XK Radio band. It takes a few weeks to become audiable but when they discover where it comes from and what it says, NASA take action immediately to investigate. The moon is returning. Apparently when blasted into space it formed a very large elliptical orbit that will bring it back around earth every 300 years, and slow enough that it takes a full year to enter and leave travel ability so NASA can regain use of it and study the computers to see what happened from Moonbase Alphas point of view.
It is now August 10, 2299 and NASA launches a series of ships to repopulate and repair Moonbase Alpha for the worlds first interstellar base.

Fade into scene of ship landing on platform. When doors open YOU step out into the empty moonbase to begin your mission only to discover ........
Snap to scene where you take control of character (in FPS of course) and begin gameplay.

So how does this sound???
::EDIT:: Oops after posting I was on the board and noticed the Game Ideas panel where this probably needs to be moved to!

September 13, 1999 was a hellova day to quit smoking!! lmao

PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2011 3:07 am 
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Can't say I'm familiar with the show.

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